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SMARTherapist APP

  Bridging the gap between therapy and your daily life.

The app is designed to act as a therapist or trainer in your pocket.
The therapist/trainer/user can :
1/ find an injury on the body by moving around both the front and back body views.

Once the affected area is identified a list of common injuries will come up to with a brief description of the injury, symptoms, cause, initial treatment, and possible future intervention.


If the injury is not listed the therapist/trainer can add it to the app.This can be emailed to the developer who will then edit and add the new entry to the app which will then be accessible on the app.

The exercise program button can then be pushed to begin the process of designing an appropriate individual program.

You will see a body chart with front and back views with different areas identified.

Once the area of the body needs to be strengthened or stretched is identified then a list of common exercises  to achieve these goals is displayed.

If the exercise is not listed you again have the option to add an exercise. This can be emailed to the developer who will then edit and new exercise which will then be accessible on the app.

The exercise screen allows you to prescribe: reps /sets /weight or theraband resistance /or time.

It then allows you to video the exercise on their phone for their future reference to ensure accurate exercise performance with individual visual and audible cues from the therapist/trainer.

You can then set the number of days and time of day you want to perform the program and the phone will remind you to do your exercises.

There is a list of cardiovascular exercises and pilates exercises that can also be added to your program.


Once a list of exercises is added to the injury workout then the screen below will come up whenever the injury is selected. Whether it is a strength/stretch /cardiovascular or pilates exercise.

This list can be edited at any time with deletion or addition of exercises.

Each day at the time that was entered in the initial set up the phone will remind the client to do the exercise and they will see this screen.

You will then perform the exercise

Input the reps/sets/weight or resistance you did and if there is any pain you can record the intensity of the pain.

If you have forgotten the instructions from your therapist/trainer for the exercise you can then push the play video and the video of you doing the exercise with the therapist instructions will play to help you remember.

You can also record your wellness and recovery scores.

This will then be recorded on each day for future scrutiny required by the therapist/trainer

summary of the exercise and your wellness scores can be monitored in the exercise summary on the next screen.

Michael Vadiveloo

Specialist Sports Physiotherapist

(as awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapists 2009)


SMARTherapist App creator/designer

Michael has been working as a physiotherapist for the past 30 years after graduating in 1986.

He has established 4 private practices in Melbourne and has had involvement in elite sport

– as a basketball player (NBL, CBA, SEABL,)

– as a physiotherapist for the St.Kilda FC and representative teams in the Australian Football League (equivalent to the NFL and Premier league) for 14 years.

He is one of only 8 specialist sport physiotherapists in Melbourne and his specialty is the lower limb, primarily the knee.

He has an extensive knowledge and understanding of the needs of athletes and clients with respect to injury management utilizing the latest evidence based treatment and rehabilitation protocols.

He lectures both locally and internationally on ankle, knee and hip injury management and specific muscle activation in exercise prescription to maximise rehabilitation programs.

He also has a degree in Human Movement Studies and studied exercise physiology, biomechanics, skill acquisition and group dynamics. This degree has given him an invaluable knowledge base in developing training and strengthening programs for clients and athletes.

With this extensive knowledge base of injuries and injury management he has developed the SMARTherapist app over the past 5 years.

The app was designed to provide an easy to use program on a client’s handheld device to:

– explain the injury,

– create an exercise program to help them recover from their injury

– ensure they do the exercises correctly using the video function

– ensure compliance with the reminder function

– monitor their progress with the daily summary

Bridging the gap between a therapy or personal training appointment and exercises at home.

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